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Object Database online

The provision of museum objects on the internet provides a further research possibility.

Amongst the 260 000 published entries you can find the greater part of the following collections: everyday culture/ethnology, art & craftwork, city and regional history, music and theatre history, numismatics, photography, pre-history/archaeology and sports history.  Additionally we are supplying information about the exhibits from the permanent exhibitions in the Alten Rathaus, Schillerhaus, Forum 1813 and the museum of the coffee house Arabischen Coffe Baum. You can call these up together, or you can also search under the object type or the parent collection (“Schillerhaus”, “Forum 1813”, “Coffe Baum”, “Dauerausstellung”).

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This project is a joint collaboration with the initiative, the technical group for documentation in the German Museum Association.  You can find a demo version of the search tool, which is supported by a thesaurus, here.

Should you have any further information on any of these objects, please leave a message using the contact form provided. The rights of use for the photographs remain with the respective owners. Approval for release for photographs is still to be obtained.

We are sorry that the database is only available in German.


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