Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig

Photographic library

Photographic library

The collection consists of 100 000 objects and is divided into the following main areas:

  • Wehnert Beckmann estate: 83 daguerreotypes, 3500 glass negatives and a representative cross-section of prints, 1843-1885 Hermann Walter estate: 3400 mainly large-format glass negatives featuring Leipzig’s architecture, 1870-1930
  •  220 original negative plates by Hermann Vogel, high quality pictures of Leipzig’s architectural monuments around 1900
  • 120 original negative plates by Adolf Deininger (genre pictures, cityscape) around 1900
  • 27,000 original images of the cityscape 1860-1980, mainly architecture and cultural history 
  • 20,000 postcards from all areas of the city’s history, 1870-1990
  • 1,200 images of the ruined city by Heinz Kröbel took, 1943-1945 (taken immediately after the attacks)
  • Johannes Widmann estate: 1,877 negatives of Leipzig’s cityscape from 1935 to 1960, focusing on the destroyed city and how it was rebuilt.
  • Collection from the old History of the Labour Movement Museum: 15,000 pictures focussing on the history of social movements, extensive portrait stock 1945-1950
  • Collection of “Department 1945 to the Present”: 11,000 positives on Leipzig’s history during the Soviet Occupation Zone (SBZ) and the GDR 
  • A particular highlight is provided by 330 images of the events of the “Leipziger Herbst,” Autumn 1989
  • Joachim Petri Purchase: 1,600 black & white and colour negatives featuring items from our collections; 7,000 large-format slides from all eras of Leipzig’s history, the suburbs of Reudnitz, Schönefeld und Mockau are particularly well represented (1890-1930). 
  • Fight collection (Kämpfe): 900 slides of motifs by Hermann Walter and other Leipzig photographers. 1880-1910
  • 9,500 negatives in 9 x 12 cm format showing items in the collections and the cityscape
  • 12,000 prints from the collection of the Georgi-Dimitroff-Museum showing the history of the burning of the Reichstag in 1933 and the communist resistance 1933-1945

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Daguerreotype of the Leipzig market with parade, about 1850

Dome of the court house, about 1895, photo by Hermann Walter

Leipzig market, soviet armour in action during the national uprising on June 17, 1953, photo: Harald Müller